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Messages From Across The Rainbow Bridge

Pet Mediumship Sessions
The Rainbow Bridge is what many believe pets cross over when they pass away to Heaven / the Spirit World. In this special place animals are happy and free of all earthly illnesses and issues. And, just like humans who have passed away, they too are able to communicate with us.  

Beecham communicates with pets much in the same way as he communicates with people who have passed away. Just like people, the animals communicate with him by showing and telling him such information and images as what they looked like, where they lived, who they lived with, what they liked to do, their favorite toys, issues they experienced, how they passed, etc. Beecham has the ability to hear, feel, taste, smell, and to know the messages and specific evidence that the animals want to convey to their loved ones.

He has dedicated his life to being a Voice for the Voiceless, a voice for the animals in the Spirit World to reach across the Rainbow Bridge to get their messages to their loved ones here in the physical. Many people have experienced comfort, healing, and the joy of knowing that their beloved pet is alive, safe, and well in a nonphysical dimension.

Contacting Beecham
All sessions are scheduled by phone only. Please call (323) 479-2458 for available dates and times.
Please note, when contacting Beecham, it is important that you do not give him any information other than your name and no information about those in the spirit world  whom you are hoping to make contact with including pets. The reason being is they will give Beecham specific identifying information about themselves that he couldn't possibly know thereby assuring you that they live on and are communicating with you through him.

30 Minute Pet Mediumship $135
Session By Phone,
New Virtual Via Zoom and In Person in the Asheville, NC area
Please allow for 45 minutes total time including pre and post session talk.
Please note that sessions by phone are just as effective as sessions in person. As a matter of fact, your spirit pet or pets will give you the same exact messages regardless of the type of session and your location.

Please scroll down to read what others have to say about Beecham's Pet Mediumship Sessions

Extra Attendee Fee $55.00 / Person excluding the two additional family members admitted at no charge
Applies to both sessions By Phone and In Person
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Pet Mediumship Sessions are available By Phone and In Person. Please click on the drop down arrow for the menu of options.

In Person Sessions are currently only available in Asheville, NC with the exception of  Beecham's special events that offer private in person sessions in other locations.  

Please note that sessions by phone are just as effective as sessions in person. As a matter of fact, your spirit loved ones will give you the same exact messages regardless of your location.

Reschedule and Refund Policy
There is a requirement of at least a 24 hours notice before your existing booked session time in order to be permitted to reschedule it. Also, if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for your in person session, you will need to contact Beecham to reschedule it.

There will be no rescheduling or refund of your private session if one of the following occurs:
you don't answer the phone when Beecham calls you at your scheduled time and you don't return his call within 15 minutes after he has called you or you are a no show for your in person session.

All payments are nonrefundable except when Beecham has to cancel your private session that has been scheduled and booked or he has to cancel the event which you have paid reservations for upon which you will receive a full refund. Cancelation does not include Beecham rescheduling your private session due to his necessity to do so. It also does not include the expiration of a session that has not been scheduled and booked within the 1 year time frame from the date it was purchased.

30 Minute Pet Mediumship Session Options

For An In Person or Virtual Session, click on the downward pointing arrow to select that option and then click on the Buy Now button to purchase your session.

Pet Mediumship Session Options


Please note that all mediumship sessions expire 1 year from the date that they are purchased, so they must be completed within that time frame.

Additional Attendee Fee Non-Family Members

Click on the downward pointing arrow in the white box below for admission for 2 additional attendees


Payment Options 
Credit Card using Buy Now buttons

PayPal Account using Buy Now Buttons

Pay with Credit Card by phone (323) 479-2458

All  payments are nonrefundable unless for some unforeseen reason Beecham has to cancel your Mediumship Session or the event, upon which you will receive a full refund of your payment. 

Any information, in any form, that you receive from Beecham Parker during any and all services he renders including mediumship and Life Transformation sessions and private and public events are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical professional, psychological, legal or financial professional. By the use of this website, you are agreeing that you are solely responsible and solely liable for all decisions that you make and actions that you take as a result of the information, in any form, that you receive through said services and events rendered by Beecham Parker. Also, you agree that there are no guarantees for a particular outcome or result for any of Beecham Parker's services, sessions or events.  All fees, policies, and procedures are subject to change without prior notice.


Here's What Others Have To Say...

Beecham was able to connect me with two of my dogs who are in spirit. Hearing from both dogs was a surprise as I had made the appointment in order to talk to only "Buddermen" who had passed on more recently than my childhood dog. Beecham mentioned character traits that were true and relevant to both the animals. He also brought up symbols related to activities I have partaken in since my baby dog had left his physical body. The affirmation of "Buddermen's" love and continuance of spirit has helped me to deal with the loss I have felt since his passing. Prior to the reading I felt he was happy and felt his presence around me, the reading confirmed this.

Maureen O.,  Asheville, NC

My reading with Beecham was clear, concise and amazingly accurate. He clearly communicated with my beloved cat--revealing many little known facts & quirks--and gave me a very blessed healing experience. I can say, as a medium myself, Beecham is one of the most honorable & credible mediums I have known. He is a blessing to us as well as those in Spirit.

Charles F., Sedona, AZ

It is so painful to be separated by death from one you love especially if it's a death of a violent nature. In my case, my loved one was my beautiful cat "Lily". I was floored when Beecham (whom I had never met and who lives clear across the country from me) told me for over 30 minutes absolutely on target information coming from my grandfather, my mother and my sweet Lily. I discovered that Lily had not been killed by my dog as I had feared but had instead been hit by a car. Before I had this information, I was very angry at my dog Astro. I was afraid to trust him with my other cats. I realized he had in fact just buried her for me.

What a wonderful thing to connect with my Mom and Granddad in the process of finding out the truth about Lily. Beecham proved to me they have been watching over me by bringing up specific places I went and what I was doing there. It was a joy to know that my Mom laughs at me for killing more plants than I keep alive in my attempt to landscape my yard!! I have had the tape Beecham sent me copied over into a CD. It is very comforting for me to listen to over and over again. Thank you for the peace of mind you have given me Beecham, and Astro thanks you too.

Julie S., Asheville, NC

Beecham is an amazingly gifted Medium with a beautiful loving heart & soul.  His gentle warmth & abilities allowed me to have 2 wonderful visits with my father and his 2 dogs and my poodle that had recently passed. It gave me such comfort to know that I can receive messages from my loved ones and pets in the afterlife.  He gave me details that only my father and I could possibly know, & through his medium abilities, he affirmed with clarity in his readings. I'm grateful for his talents & gift

Laura A., Costa Mesa, CA

I had the most incredible session with Beecham! I had a session to contact some very important animals in my life whose passing had caused a "logjam" in my life. He accurately described them complete with personality traits and gave me personal messages from them that lifted me into a place of joy. I can get on with my life now. Thank you so very much Beecham!

Lynn G., NC

I contacted Beecham in order to connect with my cat, Robert, who had died a couple of years ago. I believe Robert came right away and was a predominant presence throughout the reading. There was very specific information that Beecham gave me that made me believe without a shadow of a doubt that Robert’s spirit was offering information to Beecham. There was one particular thing that Robert and I did, that was “our thing” and I had told friends that if a medium could give me that information, than I knew it was the real deal.  Beecham gave that to me. 

The reading included other pets that were in my life and they too offered very specific information.  There was a lot of information that held no meaning for me – at the time of the reading – however, upon reflecting and listening to the playback again, I remembered more and realized that even more information was given to me than I had previously thought. 

 I was aware of signs and visitation, but was not aware that they are with us all the time, witnessing events in our lives.  What this means to me is that they continue to be a part of my life, even in spirit. When I think I feel Robert bumping his head up against my chin – it’s not my imagination – it’s really him! How comforting it was to me to know that! It was also comforting to know that certain things I would do for them out of love, was received with that same intention and they remember it in spirit! That was so delightful! It was comforting to know that they understood how painful it was for me to have to make certain decisions in their life and they had nothing but appreciation, gratefulness and loving feelings for me.  The greatest thing of all was to help me with the fear of losing other pets in my life.  We take such a risk when we open our hearts to a pet knowing the reality is that we may outlive our pets, opening ourselves up to heartache and intense grief, time and time again.  But knowing that their spirit lives on eases that fear.

 I found Beecham to be such a warm, friendly and compassionate person. His voice is soothing and he took his time to answer questions and offer explanations to help educate me about the process throughout the session.  I can’t recommend Beecham, or this experience, enough!
Thank you Beecham!

Diana S., Newton, NJ

Having a session with Beecham Parker allowed me to receive the communication that I needed with my dog. I have struggled with his early passing for several years and having this reading gave me a sense of relief and peace. I found him to be not only accurate with his information but also extremelly compassionate in his delivery. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and I am comforted by the fact that I will be reunited with my Dog again in Heaven.
Thank You Beecham!

Stephanie W., Anoka, MN

Beecham is a kind and gentle soul. At his Spirit Circle he let me know my little dog was “alive and well.” But, first he established his credibility by sharing very specific messages about her life, her personality, and her condition. One message that stands out is when he told me she had something “neurological.” I was amazed. She had a brain tumor. I also had the opportunity to ask questions and say what I needed to say to have closure. I had such a positive experience at Beecham’s Spirit Circle that I attended his other mediumship demonstrations and workshops. As a result, I’ve had a sort of spiritual awakening. I know now that we never really lose our loved ones. Our relationship with them just changes. This has enabled me to move through my grief and heal. I’m so grateful to have found Beecham. He is a caring and gifted medium and spiritual teacher.

Von L., Los Angeles CA




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