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Medium and Spiritual Teacher


Whitefeather Speaks
Whitefeather is a highly evolved spirit guide and spiritual teacher who imparts his simple yet profound teachings to me through different expressions of Nature. He does so during my meditations and at other times when I am in a semiconscious trance state somewhat like daydreaming. I know Whitefeather is present when I feel his loving energy surround me and touch me. I also hear his wise words in my thoughts. He sometimes teaches me through full sensory adventures in Nature and uses the many aspects of Nature to teach the Truth about Love, Peace, Doubt, Joy, Beauty, etc. During these experiences, all of my senses are engaged as I see, hear, feel, smell and taste what I am experiencing with this wise spirit guide. For example, when White Feather meets me at a council fire, I not only see the fire, but I also hear the crackling, feel the warmth, and smell the smoke.   


Excerpts from my soon to be published book
Whitefeather Speaks:
 Messages For An Awakening Humanity

About Joy
Joy, taught by some to be the teaching of Hummingbird, is a state of being and as a state of being it remains unchanged regardless of what appears to be happening in your life.  Hummingbird's seemly erratic flight demonstrates that no matter what direction life takes you, this way or that way, up or down, your state of being Joy remains the same.

About  Love

Love is present at all times in all situations and in all places regardless of the words said, the actions taken, and contrary thoughts, for Love is the essence of ALL including you and everything in your physical world and throughout the Universe therefore it is ever-present. It is only the mind that tricks you into falsely believing that Love is absent. 

About Beauty

Whitefeather shows me two shells, one untouched by the forces of Nature and another one well worn by the sand and water and then he asks me, "Which of these two shells is more beautiful, full of beauty?"

Upon which I reply, "Why of course it's the one that is unworn."
Your eyes only see images so they only see the appearance of the two shells. It is your mind that attributes specific meaning to the images  regarding whether this is more beautiful than that is. The Truth is their  essence is the same in that they, at least in their physical existence, are shells, one no more beautiful, full of beauty, than the other. The illusion that one shell is more beautiful than the other is created only when there is an application of a mental judgment in the comparison of the two shells. Beauty is a state of being, the essence that is equal in ALL and as ALL. You would do well to remember this teaching of the Truth about Beauty the next time your mind enters into judgment of the beauty of yourself or a person or thing. 

About Silence

There is great wisdom in Silence. Silence is a great teacher, not through judgment of your thoughts but through awareness of what you are focusing on. It is through your awareness that you wake up out of the illusion of separation and fear to the reality of oneness with ALL and the realization that there is only Love. 

About  Feeling Stuck And How To Move Forward

Whitefeather takes me to a mountain stream and directs my attention to a leaf floating on the water making it's way down the stream. I notice the leaf moves gracefully and easily with the flow of the water, but at times it temporarily gets stuck among other leaves, branches, sticks and stones.

This image of the leaf's journey in the flow of the stream is likened to the journey of life you and others live in your earthly situations and experiences . Sometimes experiences and situations you find yourself in flow gracefully and easily just as the leaf moves easily and gracefully with the flow of the stream and then there are other times you find yourself stuck like the leaf, in a job, group, city, relationship, etc., until another surge of water, realization that it is your decision whether to remain stuck or to free yourself from the job, group, city, relationship, etc. Once you realize it's your decision, then how do you free yourself you might ask?

You will find out as more of Whitefeather's teachings are revealed!    

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Contents Copyright 2024, Beecham Parker. All Rights Reserved.