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About Beecham
Little did I know, before beginning my studies for a Masters in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica in the year 2000, that this experience would facilitate a reawakening and opening of my conscious awareness of my abilities to communicate with loved ones in the Spirit Realm. This began while I was participating with my classmates in small groups to learn and apply the skills of spiritual psychology. I started having, what seemed to me at that time, bizarre experiences such as knowing specific information about my classmates' family members who were deceased, a tingly sensation going up and down my neck like the feeling I experienced during my electro stimulation sessions with my chiropractor, and spontaneous bursts of high frequency tones in my ears. At first I didn't know what was happening to me and was concerned, so I prayed and asked  Spirit/God to please help me understand. One day while watching 'Crossing Over with John Edward', I received the understanding that I had been seeking. I heard him say that he gets a buzzing sensation up and down his neck when there is an incoming energy from a spirit person wanting to communicate with him. "That's it!" I excitedly exclaimed with relief and joy! So, my next inquiry for God/Spirit was "that must be what is happening to me, but why?". Fortunately the deep psychological and emotionally healing processes, class exercises and studies that I engaged in for my masters in spiritual psychology helped give me an understanding of "why". 

They helped me remember long-suppressed and blocked childhood experiences of seeing the spirit people. I remembered staring at my digital clock until I fell asleep. That nightly practice kept me from seeing the people in my room that appeared as shadowy figures in the dark. At the time, I didn't understand what was going on and was afraid of these experiences. At first, I believed it was just my imagination as others had told me, but then I knew that wasn't so because it continued to happen. I kept seeing them!  As a child, they were ghosts to me and were scary just like television and movies portrayed them.  They terrified me to the point of shutting down my ability to see them and my conscious awareness of my mediumistic abilities and memories of them.

With the resurfacing of these memories, the acceptance of what happened to me as a child, and what was happening to me during my masters studies, I realized that it was time to fully embrace and heighten my conscious awareness and the use of my mediumistic abilities. This led me to a regimented personal study in order to strengthen my connection, awareness and communications with my own Spirit Guides. To further hone my abilities, I sought out additional instruction and training with various respected internationally renowned mediums such as Francesca Kimpton, Hollister Rand, Patricia Price, Reverend Lisa Lockhart, John Holland, James Van Praagh and most recently Lisa Williams.

Since February of 2003, I have dedicated my time and energy to being a Voice for the Voiceless, a voice for those in the Spirit World, including pets, to get their messages to their loved ones here in the physical world. I gently, compassionately, and sometimes humorously deliver accurate, specific, and meaningful evidence and messages from them. Many people have experienced comfort, healing, understanding, resolution, acceptance, peace, and love through my private mediumship sessions and beginning in 2005 through my spirit circles, and large group message galleries.

I currently live in Asheville, NC where I offer mediumship sessions  by phone for people throughout the USA and internationally and in person for people locally. I also teach others how to develop their own mediumistic abilities through my enlightening and informative mediumship development circle and mediumship development workshops. In addition, I am available to deliver messages in intimate Spirit Circles and large group Mediumship Demonstrations in your home or office.

I hold my responsibility to be a voice for your loved ones and pets in spirit with the utmost respect, honor, reverence and integrity. I assure you that I will do my best to accurately receive and deliver to you your loved ones' and pets' specific evidence of their continued existence and their meaningful and healing messages.

Love and Blessings,





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