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Medium & Spiritual Teacher

how to Prepare for your Session with Beecham

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service to you and your spirit loved ones. Here are some suggestions that my clients have found to be helpful in preparation for their mediumship sessions with me. Please note that recording is not permitted but note taking is encouraged.

1. Invite your spirit loved ones to communicate with us. This can be done by speaking to them out loud or in your mind to invite them to participate in the session. You can also get out pictures of them and personal objects of theirs to make that connection with them even stronger to invite them to communicate with us. Many times they, in the spirit world, are the ones who have orchestrated the session, but it doesn't hurt to invite them anyway.

2. Once you invite them, drop all expectations of hearing from specific spirit loved ones and just be open and grateful to those who do communicate with us in your session. I am not in control of who in the spirit world communicates with us, so there are no guarantees that a specific spirit loved one or pet that you want to hear from will communicate through me. Most of the time the person or pet that you want to hear from does come through in your mediumship session, but not always. The spirit people and spirit pets, as I call them, have freewill just as we do, so they decide whether the medium is a vibrational match with them and whether they want to communicate through the medium or not. Just as they were here in the physical world, some are better communicators than others. Your emotional state can also affect the communication link either positively or negatively, so during your session it is best to relax, let go of expectations and comparisons of other readings or sessions you may have had before with other mediums, as all mediums work differently, and to be open to whatever happens. All we can do is invite them to the session and invite them to communicate with us. It is up to them and God, Spirit, whatever you call it by as to whether they will come through and for how long.

3. If you have time to do so prior to your session, it is suggested that you take time to prepare by sitting still in a quiet location for 10 or 15 minutes so that you can be in a relaxed and calm state for your session. This can also be done through meditation and prayer. This has been found to be helpful to the energetic flow of messages coming through to the medium. Your energy and emotional state as well as the medium's are important components to the communication link and the reception of messages from your spirit loved ones.  It is also suggested that during your quiet and still preparation time that you remember and feel your love you share with your spirit loved ones, especially the ones you are desiring to hear from. After all, it's all about energy and Love is the most powerful energy there is.

4. During the session I suggest that you cooperate with me, not by feeding me information, but by clearly validating what you can validate by saying "yes I understand that" or a simple "yes that makes sense" will suffice. It also helps to give a little context as to why the message makes sense to you such as, "yes, that's his or her name". This tends to strengthen the communication link because your loved ones realize that you are actually aware that it is really them and that you are understanding their messages. Then they usually draw closer to the medium enhancing the medium's reception of  their messages. I also have found that responding with vague responses like “uh huh” do not strengthen the communication link, so please respond clearly, so that I and your spirit loved ones will know you are understanding or not understanding their messages.  If you can not make sense of the information I am giving you at that time, a simple "that doesn't make sense to me now" or "I don't understand that now" or "I'll take that with me" will suffice. It's much better for the energy of the session than to just answer "no". Many times I have had clients contact me after their sessions to let me know they could now make sense of information that they couldn't make sense of during the session. Recording is no longer permitted, so I suggest that you take notes, because information may make sense to you or a family member later. Also please keep in mind that it is possible that I may misinterpret the energy and the message being sent to me from your spirit loved ones. 
5. Make sure that you can be totally present with no distractions around you. It takes a lot of energy from the medium and from the loved ones in spirit to make this communication happen, so I strongly suggest that you pay attention and participate in your session.

6. I also suggest that you eat lightly an hour or so before your session so that you are not distracted by hunger and that you refrain from consuming alcohol or any other substance that may prevent you from being totally present. This does not include medications that have been prescribed by your doctor. It is all about energy and if you eat a heavy meal or ingest substances that alter your consciousness, it can adversely affect the energy for your session.

7. The suggestion is to be open-minded and respectful to the process and the medium, drop expectations, and in-Joy your session. I am not here to prove my abilities as a medium, so I ask that you respect me and the process by refraining from testing the medium and by refraining from trying to extend your session past the  30 or 45 minute session that you purchased. When that happens, it can adversely affect the communication link with your spirit loved ones. My responsibility as the medium is to give you the messages exactly as I am receiving them, so I will not interpret your messages for you. It will be your responsibility to make sense of them or not make sense of them.

8. This is a joyous time for both you and your loved ones in spirit to reunite and allow this process of mediumship to bridge the communication gap between the physical and the spirit worlds, so the suggestion is to approach your session with openness, joy, love and gratitude.
Some people have expressed to me that they are a little fearful of what will happen in their session. There is absolutely no need to fear, because I only attract and communicate with those in spirit who come from the Light and who come with good and loving intentions. The Universal Law is “Like Attracts Like” and my sessions happen through the Love and Grace of God/Spirit. There is also no need to fear your loved ones because your loved ones are the same loved ones who were here in the physical realm. They just exist now in the nonphysical realm / dimension that some call Heaven. They are just as excited as you are to communicate their messages to you that they are alive and well free from all earthly issues and ailments that they experienced while living on Earth. Fear is a low vibration and adversely affects the session, so the suggestion is to remember and feel the love you have and share with your loved ones and keep that in your thoughts before and during your session.
I look forward to talking with you and your loved ones in spirit.
Beecham Parker



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