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What Others Say...
Today you can see signs for Psychic/Medium Readings all over the place and you wonder are they the real deal? I am very happy to announce that  Beecham Parker is THE REAL DEAL. He has a wonderful gift that is being honed to perfection. He is very accurate in his readings. His kind and gentle manner makes it a pleasure to have a reading, you feel absolutely safe and KNOW that he is a person of great integrity.
Allys M., Los Angeles, CA

I think you can tell, your sitting with me was Amazing. Not only did it seem very "legitimate", it brought back so many memories with family members that it has been a beautiful experience to have and to share. Again, thank you.
Sandra G., San Antonio, TX

I was really impressed, and shocked with what he had to say.
I really want to have another reading done by him.
Danny L., Chicago, IL

Beecham is uncannily able to detect distinct personalities in my family who have passed on. He is adept at getting to the core of the heart of the matter... even if it comes to something I need guidance on now or in the future by calling upon his own innate wisdom and his guides. I have referred several people to Beecham and think he is fantastic as a medium and spiritual counselor. He seems to be able to live between two worlds...the physical and the spiritual and that is an enviable gift to bestow upon folks like me that are bewildered about this realm...
Lynn K., Santa Monica, CA

I feel that you are extraordinary in every way. You are an amazing Psychic Medium you easily linked with my little boy and my Grandmother; it was very healing. Thank you for your reading. I am very blessed by your healing words.
Elizabeth W., Los Angeles, California

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the reading. I was quite a skeptic before I "accidentally" found my way to your weekly meeting. The things you told me totally convinced me that you were, indeed, receiving messages from my dad and brother. There was such a sense of overwhelming love, forgiveness and healing. Thank you so very much for being a Voice for the Voiceless.
Nancy H., Shelby, NC

We all experience losses in our lives, and grieving is a natural part of loss. Communicating with loved ones who have transitioned can have profound healing effects. Beecham is able to facilitate incredible and insightful spiritual messages from deceased loved ones. He is authentic, passionate, caring and brilliant in his approach to mediumship. He has assisted me in viewing my losses as stepping stones on my soul's evolving spiritual journey. I highly recommend him for a session with a loved one whether a human or a loving pet. I've had experiences with both.

Diane L., Sedona, AZ

Beecham has brought through significant healing messages from my loved ones on the other side every time I have a reading from him. His higher spiritual educational background and great teaching abilities are quite evident during each and every reading. Very personal spiritually healing messages are incorporated into his readings, as well as his use of positive affirmations, given to help one to heal themselves. I thank Beecham over and over again for helping me to learn how to help myself in his very loving, gentle and positive way.
Cathy C., Covina, CA

I want to thank you so much for the reading today. I have a feeling of healing and peace that will continue to be with me. God has truly chosen you to be an instrument in this healing process.
Maryann B., Mt. Eaton, OH

My reading was detailed and very meaningful to me. Beecham Parker brought in a lot of information about my loved one that was completely accurate. I was so comforted to know that my grandmother's passing was peaceful and that she still watches over me.
Linda E., Mathews, NC

Thank you for the two sessions in which both my mother and father came through. I was quite amazed at the way you described so accurately how my father passed and the specifics of the clothing my mother used to wear when she went shopping. There was no doubt in my mind that you were definitely in touch with my parents because I know that there is no way you could have known the information you gave. The shift in my life since our sessions is truly phenomenal.  Knowing that my father “believed in me” and that my mother “loved me the only way she knew” has given me the freedom from past anxieties that have manifested in marvelous ways today. I have a sense of personal security and well being that I have never experienced before. Thank you for your wonderful work. You are truly a blessing and I hope many will seek your assistance as we can all use the benefits of your work.
Frank E., Los Angeles, CA

Doris and I would like to thank you for the reading. Our Father came through loud and clear.  The few things we did not understand we will ask our Mom about. Other things we did not understand we later figured out. The cracking of the knuckles did not ring any bells at the time of the reading but later it made perfect sense because our Father used to call us knuckle heads. Thank you for bringing us close to the ones we love and lost.  We would also like to thank you for recording our reading. It is nice to go back and listen to it again.
Doris R. & Deb, Marietta, GA

You were very accurate on many things. You really blew me away when you mentioned Madison because the only two people that knew about that was me and my husband. Thank you again for a great reading!
Lana, Chicago, IL

My reading with Beecham was clear, concise and amazingly accurate. He clearly communicated with my beloved cat--revealing many little known facts & quirks--and gave me a very blessed healing experience. I can say, as a medium myself, Beecham is one of the most honorable & credible mediums I have known. He is a blessing to us as well as those in Spirit.
Charles F., Sedona, AZ

Beecham was able to connect me with two of my dogs who are in spirit. Hearing from both dogs was a surprise as I had made the appointment in order to talk to only "Buddermen" who had passed on more recently than my childhood dog. Beecham mentioned character traits that were true and relevant to both the animals. He also brought up symbols related to activities I have partaken in since my baby dog had left his physical body. The affirmation of "Buddermen's" love and continuance of spirit has helped me to deal with the loss I have felt since his passing. Prior to the reading I felt he was happy and felt his presence around me, the reading confirmed this.
Maureen O.,  Asheville, NC

My aunt called right after her session with you and she was amazed. I can't even begin to tell you how much it helped her. My Gram passed on very quickly and we never were able to say good-bye and there were sooo many things left unsaid. You were able to relay things to me that nobody else knew. Your sessions with my aunt and me were so much needed and you were able to give us the closure that we needed. Beecham, you are truly a gift! Thank you very much!
Denise C., Sayre, PA  

It is so painful to be separated by death from one you love especially if it's a death of a violent nature. In my case, my loved one was my beautiful cat "Lily". I was floored when Beecham (whom I had never met and who lives clear across the country from me) told me for over 30 minutes absolutely on target information coming from my grandfather, my mother and my sweet Lily. I discovered that Lily had not been killed by my dog as I had feared but had instead been hit by a car. Before I had this information, I was very angry at my dog Astro. I was afraid to trust him with my other cats. I realized he had in fact just buried her for me.

What a wonderful thing to connect with my Mom and Granddad in the process of finding out the truth about Lily. Beecham proved to me they have been watching over me by bringing up specific places I went and what I was doing there. It was a joy to know that my Mom laughs at me for killing more plants than I keep alive in my attempt to landscape my yard!! I have had the tape Beecham sent me copied over into a CD. It is very comforting for me to listen to over and over again. Thank you for the peace of mind you have given me Beecham, and Astro thanks you too.
Julie S., Asheville NC

I just had a reading (phone session) with Beecham Parker. A friend recommended Beecham, so I overcame my nervousness (as I had never done this before) and contacted Beecham.  The session was amazing and I hung up the phone with a feeling of peace knowing that my Dad had contacted me through Beecham. Things were mentioned that only my Dad and I knew and something was mentioned that happened the next day. I know my Dad is with me, hears me and most of all, seems happy and at peace in the Spirit World.  In my opinion, Beecham is the next John Edward waiting to be discovered.
Patti C., Katy TX

I had a wonderful experience with Beecham recently and was amazed by his accurate depiction of several of my loved ones who passed over. Most importantly, my Dad, who passed 14 years ago. He confirmed to me a profound experience that I had had with my father's spirit 11 years ago. His knowledge of that experience brought me such peace and comfort. Beecham is a gentle soul with an extraordinary gift. I feel honored to have met him.

Leslie W., Oak Ridge NJ

It was comforting to know my father is still so very close to me and those in my family. I was floored! I knew for sure that it was my father who came through and that was incredible.  When I told my mother and sisters all they could do was to look at me in amazement and shed tears of joy knowing that he is well on the other side. I spoke of the information that came through from my father, uncle, grandmother and great grandmother.  I did not know what a lot of the information meant, the specific details that I could never remember because I had not even been born or was too young, but they did and were amazed at such details that only those who have passed could speak of through you.  The small pastries my grandmother loved to bake, the description of the home my great grandmother had - right down to the stairwell in the foyer, the specific family problems my father shared with his sisters, my personal careers choices, how October is significant in my life, my parents house and the magnificent rock wall that is one of a kind, and how it's time to open my heart to the woman my father led me to and how instrumental he was in us coming together as the catalyst of our union.  I left the session with such a feeling of comfort and relief knowing that my father and grand parents, uncle, and great grandmother are still very much a part of my life and so very close to me in so many ways.  I can't wait to see them again someday, when my time here in the physical too has come to an end.
  I can say with certainty that you are an incredible being and am grateful to you in many ways.  Thank You! 
William B., Sayre, PA

Heart–felt” thanks for the session that brought about healing and self-forgiveness. Beecham always shows great compassion and tunes in to give me accurate messages from my loved ones for the last 10 years. He accurately described my Mother and Dad who have been on “the other side” for over 30 years & validated that they were with me in the backyard during the session as they described my backyard, which I had just moved a year ago. I highly recommend scheduling a session with Beecham.

Lynne R., Poway, CA

Beecham Parker is a wonderful soul who with an open heart joins with those beyond this plane to bring through the most genuine words one could receive. He not only successfully contacted my mother who has been passed for 51 years, he brought through details that only she could relay about her life & our relationship. He also brought through guidance from wise ones that were elegantly & lovingly spoken & served to help me through a difficult situation. I am so grateful to him.

Anne D., Asheville, NC

I have had several sessions with Beecham as well as hosted spirit circles where he has made meaningful connections with departed loved ones and their relatives. His information has always astounded me; he mentions seemingly insignificant details of my life that let me know he is connecting with my family on the other side. The people who attend the circles I have hosted consistently mention not only his accuracy but his gentle, compassionate spirit. I'm very grateful to have him in my life.
Anne P., Asheville, NC

I have had three sessions with Beecham. Each session brought me in contact with my loved ones, especially my Dad, who I know is watching over me. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that my loved ones are with me. Some of the things that Beecham has told me, happened the next day. Other information that is disclosed, only I and the Spirit would know. The sessions are fascinating and never cease to amaze me. After 3 sessions, & connecting me with my loved ones, I consider him as my friend.
Patti C., Katy, TX

I can't thank Beecham Parker enough for all that he has given me. I've had two sessions with Beecham and both were beyond amazing. My 2nd session was even more amazing than my first. In my first session I was given the closure I needed from my grandmother that passed quickly and unexpectedly. My 2nd session was when I was at a crossroads in my life. I was given the confirmation I needed that I took the right path. The path I chose led me right into the arms of my Soul Mate! Thank you Beecham!
Denise S., Sayer, PA

Beecham is a phenomenal medium and lovely person as well. He is as gifted as any "TV Medium" yet he is still very accessible and his sessions are affordable. Another thing is, that Beecham is very sensitive in his "delivery" of messages, and there is usually some lighthearted moments as well. It's an incredible, invaluable experience! I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from making contact with a loved one whose crossed over!

Zena R., Asheville, NC

Beecham is a patient and loving soul. He shares his talent with humility and openness. My reading with him connected me to someone who crossed over way too soon. Though I knew my friend only for a year, he changed my life. The information that came through was dead on. I look forward to my next session where I hope to reconnect with my sweet pet who left me a few months ago. Thank you Beecham for sharing your gift!

Darien G., Santa Monica, CA

I must tell you that I experienced such a profound and wonderful feeling of connectedness and outpouring of love when Beecham began to connect with my family. The information given was jaw-dropping accurate... specific details, names, dates. I felt such a sense of joy, peace and healing as he relayed all of the wonderful messages from my parents and others. Beecham is compassionate, sincere and committed to helping others find peace and healing. He is truly a loving presence on the planet.

Patricia W., Downey, CA

For years I have regretted not letting a teacher of mine know how much he meant to me. He passed without ever knowing that I treasure his having been in my life. I have been saddened for years about it. I prayed that he would come through in my medium session, AND HE DID! At last I feel the comfort of knowing that he is aware of my deep appreciation of him. That means the world to me. Thank you, Beecham!

Barbara W., Atlanta, GA

Beecham, thank you so much! Your reading reconnected me with several of my loved ones and my guides. The information was so detailed and lovingly presented that it has truly made a difference in my life. There is no way for me to truly express my appreciation for the joy you have brought to my life.

Cathie P., NY

I first met Beecham Parker in the audience of a spiritual conference in April 2007. My beloved husband had passed away only a few days before, and I was in the throes of deepest despair. I came to this event to save my own life. I was seeking knowledge, healing, and specifically a medium to facilitate communication with my husband.

A few days later I did a session via Beecham. My husband did appear, and I was instantly centered and stabilized spiritually to go on. I cannot describe the exhilaration, peace, and hope that I experienced. Beecham's general introduction to the spiritual universe further guided me into the learning and growth that I have pursued since. I credit Beecham as one who saved my life.

I have referred Beecham to friends who have also had life-altering experiences. Beecham as a spiritual teacher and medium is a glowing, loving presence of spiritual healing who brings comfort and opens seemingly closed doors to hopeful possibilities.
He is truly a gift from God.
Nansi N., Pittsburgh, PA


Thank you very much, Beecham! Our session was enlightening and magical. Your ability to reach those that that have passed on is amazing. We were definitely communicating with our loved ones, as detailed thoughts came pouring forth through your voice and movements. We are warmed and appreciative beyond words.
Bruce & Lorraine K., Claremont, CA 

Dear Beecham,
It was such an honor to be part of your spirit circle this evening at Kindred Spirits.
I must tell you something. I have attended most all mediums that have presented at Kindred. You-- by far were the most captivating....and spot on...with us all. God blessed and blesses you. That you could open yourself  up--so big as to receive the many messages of the spirits  and share them with us was amazing and so generous...With that said, I also want you to know that your messages from my passed loved one--  were consistent with all other mediums. There seems to be little guess work in this modality of consciousness.  After my husband passed--I wanted  to try this. I was skeptical. Now I am not. You have validated truth. I will no longer question.
Your gift should be shared with so many others..
Kathy M., Claremont, CA

What an amazing experience! I feel so blessed that I had an opportunity to meet Beecham and have a session with him. I have always wanted to believe that life doesn't end when we leave this physical earth and now I know that spirit truly does exist. Beecham was able to have contact with my mother and relay several messages of love and assurance. I was blown away! I no longer have any doubts and feel completely comforted knowing that my mom and other departed love ones remain with us. I just wanted to thank you so much for this weekend's session with my friends Mary and Tommy. It was truly a life changing experience.

Debbie L., Sunset Beach, CA

My session was a Christmas gift from friends. Beecham is a gentle, loving, & caring spirit, who helped me to relax and enjoy this most amazing experience. To connect with my Dad & Mom was so reassuring to me that they were now healthy and happy in their after-life. They relayed strong personal information that only they would know, giving me goose bumps! I came away with a sense of peace and serenity. I hope to have another session again with my sister joining me next time. My experience was something that I will remember and treasure forever. Thank you again for your time and talent.
Mal J., Oceanside, CA

With Beecham, it is "more real than real." From the very first image he saw, it became clear to me, once a skeptic, that Beecham was talking with my departed Love. Knowing nothing about me or her, he described precisely the unusual way she died. He piled detailed fact upon fact about my life in recent weeks, including a reference to a recurring dream I've shared with no one in my life. He managed to convey all the information I needed to hear to heal my searing grief. But he had me at "hello."
Tom S., Humble, TX





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